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High DA PA Guest Post Submission Sites List 2020

High DA PA Guest Post Submission Sites List 2020: Paid submission blogging is now a smart choice by many bloggers and resellers out there around us. Finding the Entrepreneurs in search of bringing the business services the best is now getting the most popular. As you may find enormous SEO experts out there providing you the quality SEO services. However, business people are now in search of Guest bloggers who can bring the attention of their services smarter. Do you what is Guest blogging or paid to post or even called by Guest posting? Let us make it simple and find the top best High DA PA Guest Post Submission Sites List 2020 can bring services/websites to reach the 1st position with this concept.

High Authority Guest Blogging Sites - Guest Post Submission List 2020

We introduce the list of 100+ sites in different categories such as news - finance - general niche - best 10 - health - fitness - sites list with High Domain Authority and Page Authority. The importance of doing this practice and its advisory will be stated below with the list given.

Benefits of approaching Guest posting

Website owners are more concerned about avoiding spam linking to make their website listed on top of Google. There were many websites out there that provide you the facility to link on it either at the comment section or via post submission. There were PR releasing sites, free blogging, article submission sites out there. However, they were created for bloggers to link website in order to attain website authority. However, while submitting the website to certain sites, you may have to link for certain factors such as;
  • Whether the providing Do-Follow backlink
  • Whether they got a high spam score
  • Whether they are google trusted
  • Whether they got high DA PA value
  • Whether they updated with better MOZ scores...etc.
However, Guest post submitting sites found to be different and they got a better approach. Most of Free blog submission sites around the internet provide you No-Follow backlink, however, it is trusted by search engines. But, higher the no-follow with low-quality site problem our site. In fact, the high-quality site with one single do-follow backlink will even help our ranking much better on SERP.

The significance of High DA PA sites attention comes into our mind on this concern. Searching for the related list of the site which provides better ranking always with a do-follow backlink in return helps your site to improve ranking. 

Guest Post Submission Sites 2020

How to Find Whether Sites approaching for Guest post Submission

You might have confused whether all the sites may or may not be applied for Guest posting. Most of the site owners never allow you to provide guest posts on their site. If the website owners have the intention to do so, they will mark the site with a box where people able to see the keywords such as:

"write for us"
"guest article"
"guest blogger"
"This is a guest post by"
"guest post"
"startup funding"
"contributing writer"
"want to write for"
"contribute to our site"
"submit content"
"submit news"
"submit post"
"submit your content"
"guest posts wanted"

If you find any of the mentioned terms in the site list, then you can approach the owner's contact form directly and apply for the submission approval. 

Will Guest Posting be Succesful - Learn How?

Guest post owners always look for your website whether the site follows the guidelines with trust or not. If you approach Guest post owner, you should aware of certain Guidelines that search engines hate. Alike the same, Guest bloggers have to keep in mind while approaching owners hate factors such as;
  1. The article Shouldn't be lead to a porn content
  2. Shouldn't be gambling or casino-related
  3. Shouldn't include the promotion of drugs or alternative
  4. The article should not approach misleading information. 
These are the general guidelines that most of the website owners initially looks for. Each guest posting website owner holds different terms and conditions on their website. While if you want to be successful with the approach of Guest posting, you should be aware of the policy. 

Guest posting is no more trusted only if you are linking your site with non-related category websites. There was general and same niche list above you can see and you can apply the same accordingly. However, for example, your website is related to Education and you go for guest blogging approval in sports websites. That's doesn't make sense and your trust will be lost in the 1st approach itself. Make sure quality content should be the one that makes your article on the application for guest posting is the most important one. 

Recover Bert and Bedlam Google Algorithm Update November 2019 Like a Pro

Google recently in the month of November 2019 released an Algorithm called Bert and a local update Bedlam. Have you recovered your website from the same? People are running business websites, event websites, review websites and enormous niche websites and blogs. Google already demanded a couple of years ago, - Content is the King and you should follow the king's path. However, the years later, a core update of content that users love as Google loves, which is ruling now. Google started following the Bert update to make the user receive what they love to read from their search.

What's special in Bedlam update then? Got any idea concerning the same. Many websites have been hit by this local google algorithm update. The panda, penguin, rank brain, now the Bert and Bedlam, everything is rolling out. Are you confused about how to manage your website under these circumstances? No need to get worried. Just think and do the updates in simple.

Recover Bert Bedlam Algorithm

Recover websites and blogs from Bert and Bedlam update in a simple

November 2019 Google Algorithm update kicked away from search results with poor quality content as well with language issues. Even though, the page speed, Backlinks from paid links, everything the factors behind these updates.

As I'm already stated what the issue is, so, now the things made it easier right? How to make it simple to recover from this update is the next thing you need to consider.

  1. For improving the speed of the website, usually, the speed effect will impact on WordPress sites. In those, the Lazy load image WordPress plugin will help you to solve the issue. If you are using HTML websites, then try to minimize the java scripts, move the unwanted homepage maps as well as reduce the pixels of the image to make the performance much better.
  2. Concerning the language - As you are felt with many extensions nowadays for writing content. There were free and premium tools that will help you to make your content more lovely and surprising. Improve the content by managing a high DA PA external link and recently or a couple of months ago published related content inside as internal link with more than 1000+ word page will be more beneficial. However, make the user spend time on your website will lower the bounce rate by proving quality content will be an idea to overcome this. Even though, while writing the articles, with the help of Grammarly tool will help you in a better way.
  3. Depending on the unwanted URL is yet another approach of removing an unwanted link that doesn't match your niche. If the URLs somehow match it, try to update the contents instead of de-indexing it, using the webmaster search console tool.
  4. Finding the expert SEO solution will be another way to get away from this in a simple manner. There were SEO companies in your city to help you with this. Go with those values the services more than the money and guide you with a simple solution. Even the SEO Company that you were approaching also provides the developers, it will be easier enough to handle what mentioned in point 1.

What not to be done once you hit by Google Algorithm update

  • Never try to hire a content writer simply who really not aware of providing you with quality content.
  • Don't try to update the plugins or add simply the plugins that a non-trusted article provides you.
  • Never try to stuff the keywords
  • Never use a template or theme which disturbs the use which leaves the website in seconds.
  • Never focuses on Pop up ads that disturb the users to hate the website.

Final Verdict-

Got any queries if you find more than this or need more clarity about this article, get in touch with our comment box.

MOZ SEO Analytics Tools Review

What’s SEOmoz?

SEOmoz, as most of you might know, is considered as one of the most reputed SEO firms out there. They had so much popularity that in order to keep project count under control, they charged 1000$/hr.

Now SEOmoz has moved from being a consultancy to a SEO product firm. They have a PRO subscription where you will find

Pro webinars (Register for upcoming seminars as well as watch old seminars. You can’t download them though. However the PPT will be available for download)
Pro Tool (The meat of the SEOmoz PRO subscription)
Private Q&A (You can ask private questions directly to the guys at SEOmoz and get reliable answers directly from the PRO SEO’s)
What SEO Tools Does SEOmoz Pro Have?

There are a number of tools SEOmoz gives you. I personally use very few of them (Probably because I don’t have enterprise clients)

Tool #1: Open Site Explorer

This tool, in my opinion, is why most people have a subscription for SEOmoz.

Open Site Explorer is one of the best tools out there to analyze the competition and find out about their link building strategies. It gives you a host of metrics in a matter of seconds that will probably take you days or even months to figure out manually.

Tool #2: Keyword Analysis Tool

This tool gives a brief idea about the level of competition for the keyword based on the top 10 ranking pages.

While it’s a good tool to get an overall idea about the competition, I wouldn’t rely on any tool to completely predict for me whether I should go after a tool or not.

For e.g. if you see Wikipedia, EzineArticles etc. on the first page, chances are that the tool will report it as competitive based on the domain authority. However, in most cases, the presence of sites like ezinearticles and so on is a signal that the keyword ranking is achievable.

SEOmoz keyword analysis is smart in many cases. It simply does not take into account just the domains authority alone. It also looks at page authority and a host of other metrics to calculate competition.

Tool #3: Rank Tracking Tool
This is another useful tool in the PRO subscription. Their rank tracking tool updates every Tuesday automatically. If you have a lot of keywords to track, then this tool is really great.

Recently Google introduced many changes in the way their engine works which broke many online and offline rank checking tools. It’s also not possible to manually check a lot of keywords from our computer/network since Google will give a temporary ban if they detect scraping behavior.

Tool #4: On Page Optimization Tool

This tool will act as your personal SEO assistant for on-page SEO tasks. Simply give it a URL and keyword and it will grade your on-page SEO based on several factors.

You will then be presented with a page where you can see where you need to improve on in order to be better at on-page SEO.

One thing I really don’t understand is why SEOmoz suggests that we remove the keyword tag if it’s there. Agreed that most search engines that matter does not use meta-keywords for rankings, but why ask to remove if it’s present?

In my opinion, less tech savvy audience might get confused with such suggestions. Overall, the tool is a great addition for your SEO arsenal.

Tool #5: Social Media Monitoring Tool

Monitor blogs, RSS, Twitter, and other social media sites for your keywords and phrases. This is a service similar to Topsy. The main aim of this tool is to get rid of all the clutter generated by social media and bring to you what’s important.

Tool #6: SEO Web Crawler

Crawl your site and see if there are any issues. I don’t really use this tool much since I use Google Webmaster tool and they provide the same service. The advantage of using Webmaster tools is that it helps see how your site appears to Google.

In some cases, you might not be able to use Webmaster tools (Where you may have to do SEO audit of sites). In such cases, you can use this SEO Web Crawler tool to get a general idea about the crawalibilty issues of your site.

Tool #7: Competitive Link Research Tool

You can check and compare your site with your competitor’s site. You can gain insight into which sites are linking to your competitors and whether you have acquired links from those sites to your website and so on.

I tried comparing Google with Blekko and Bing. A sample of the result is given below.
competitive link research

Tool #8: Linkscape Visualization and Comparison

If charts and graphs excite you, you are going to love this tool. What the Linkscape Visualization and Comparison tool does is compare two URL’s and give you some metrics in a graphical format.
Tool #9: Link Acquisition Assistant

This tool gives you an overview of how to get links by manually searching on Google. Instead of manually typing it out, you can fill in a few details and SEOmoz will generate a list of queries that you can simply click and search Google for possible link partners. Not a lot of fun, but saves you time with all sorts of queries you have to think and type on Google.

Tool #10:  Historic Pagerank Checker

As the name suggests, you can view the Page Rank change of a URL over time.

Tool #11: Term Extractor

This tool is something like a reverse on-page SEO analysis. When we give this tool a URL, it goes to the URL and comes back with terms that it thinks is relevant to the page.

This SEOmoz review will not just focus on the tools. There is a lot more than just using tools for doing SEO. You also get access to PRO only webinars, private questions and the full access to the directories list.

Here is the list of the most recent PRO Webinars hosted

Mining Social Data for Fun and Profit
Understanding Your Audience Using Social Media
Content for Local Sites & Local Search
Future-Proofing Your SEO: 2012 Edition
Everything You Don’t Know About Infographics
Head-Smacking Content Strategies
Why and How Startups Should be doing SEO
Actionable Keyword Research for Motivated Marketers
The End of Search Without Social
Gamify it! Using Game Mechanics to Improve Your SEO, Social, and User Engagement
Even after doing SEO for these many years, there are some golden nuggets you’ll get from these webinars.

You can also use the SEOmoz add-ons for your browser and instantly analyze the quality of the site by browsing pages on the website.

The biggest perk is the ability to organize your SEO efforts via helping you group them via campaigns. Each site you work on can be made into separate campaigns and you can automate rank checking, link analysis and so on.

You can expert data and use Excel to work with the data as well.

Who is The SEOmoz Pro Subscription For?

In my opinion, not everyone requires a paid option. They have plenty of free resources available for beginners (Their blog, Q & A section, Beginners SEO Guide, Whiteboard Fridays and more).

Their plans start at 99$ a month. So, if you are on a budget and have to go into credit card debt for paying for a moz subscription, don’t!

You’ll probably make the best use of these tools if

You can afford to pay 99$ a month without losing sleep over it
You have basic SEO knowledge and want to go advanced
You are an analytic geek. You absolutely love numbers and graphs
You do SEO for multiple sites of yours, or you do SEO for clients or you do SEO for your own business website
If you are just starting out and have no real idea about SEO, save money by first reading their free beginners guide. Then follow their blog for a while and then after 5-6 months, start a PRO subscription.

However if time means money for you or you want some of the best SEO tools to analyze your competition right from the start of your SEO, you’ll simply love SEOmoz pro tools and resources.

Earn $10 Daily for Writing Posts aand How to Multiply earning in Guest Crew Forum

Do you want to make Money Online? If you do-You are not alone.Just take a real life example- You heard somewhere that blogging is an easiest way to make money online so started your blog and imagined to become a millionaire just by working 4-5 hours daily. In your excitement, you worked regularly for 2-3 months but failed to earn as expected. In that case, people lose their patience and leave blogging.
Remember,not everyone is able to earn money through blogging. It doesn’t mean that you can’t make money online. If you have talent for something, you will definitely make money. I have already written so articles on Making Money Online. Today, I will give you another money making advice. It is special because you can earn $10 daily.
Earn $10 Daily for Writing Posts aand How to Multiply earning in Guest Crew Forum

A Cash Contest has been started at Guest Crew where they are giving $10 cash daily via Paypal to users who will make most posts in a day on Guest Crew Forum. Frankly speaking, they are doing this to promote their Forum but it doesn’t matter much for you because you are getting a chance to make money online.

You can start a new thread or answer the question of others. All your posts will be counted. At the end of the day, if you managed to post more than others you will get $10. They are also giving Extra $100 cash for the one who promotes their program on social Media or their Blog.

Register at Guest Crew – It’s free to Join.
Fill up all details in your “Profile“. Don’t forget to enter your “Paypal Id” in your profile because it will be used to send payments to you. To do so, Click on “My Profile” link.
After clicking on “My Profile After clicking on “Edit Profile” option, you will be redirected to another page. Scroll the page down until you find a field for entering your Paypal Id. Just add your Paypal Id in that filed and then click on “Update Profile”
Once done with Profile Updation, Click on “Forums” tab.

What are the Rules?
Rules are pretty simple. No one like spammers so don’t spam there. Try to post high quality posts otherwise they will delete your thread. You might get warnings or even banned from the Forum. This content starts on 1st March 2014 i.e Today and there is no end date which is quite good for participants.
Is there any Additional Benefits?
Yes, If you are a blogger or a webmaster, You can win $100 cash extra for promoting this contest. To do that, You will have to promote the post which is live at Guest Crew Blog. You will get this amount at the end of month. To increase your chances of winning this extra $100, you can promote Guest Crew by using Advertising Banners. To find the banners, Visit- Banners for Promoting Guest Crew.

Top 5 Best Copy Checker Online Plagiarism Tools

Most of them gets rejected from Adsense due to one of reason why we are not ready to read the Terms of Privacy developed by Adsense. Main Notifiable matter is regular check out of blogger copied contents.We all are not skilled in blogging.

More in cent percentage copy the related article about something while surfing from entire search result and just provide it in a simple and precise manner in our website blogs.However,In order to provide more traffic most of them plays like grabbing grammatical killer posts from others and just copy the same.But,the hidden fact is that,each Updates in Adsense version,they improves the version in checking negative easily and easily tackle by the best chief using their tools.

Must Read :
How to Get Approved by Google Adsense within One Hour
We are having one tool to check each and every post on our web,containing any copied data is available.so,if its is available,just modification in our posts will solve this criteria while goes for the Content copying.

Top 5 Best Online Copy Checker Plagiarism Tools


PlagSpotter is constricted Identical content checker tools and also it basically monitors individually every pages and the criteria enhanced in possibly copied content available on the blogs,which indicates even a single copied sentence also in percentage results and shows the error resulted sentence from which web also.i.e, From which webs contents and the posts also will gets easily displayed over there.


Copyscape is also a Spare data's available examiner tools on your webs and usually indicates the directories from which you have Plagiarized, the data's to your blogs and it is not much tighter tool than Plagspotter. Moreover it will install the widget plugin for future,if your contents will make a Plagiarize by others.
Even Read This:Guest Post vs Commenting


Plagium is a liberate and preeminent online plagiarism online tool examiner and a first class substitute to Copyscape. In Copyscape and PlagSpotter we exercise the site URL's to tab duplicate data's.On the other hand In Plagium checker tools ,you can easily Paste the manuscript upto 25k characters obtainable on your blogs and find the each words duplicate contents.


Duplichecker is a best ever online Plagiarism examiner tool parallel to Plagiarism.In order to practice this Provision you don't demand to register for an online account.Purely copy paste the texts that you crave to examine and the maximum permitted words are about to 1.5k.


However,None of them gets interests in Premium tools and Dustball is a fee plagiarism tool,Nonetheless also which has the premium version in which you ought to pay about around 8$ and you can check the imitative contents by just pasting the texts.there is no bounds over texts ratios.

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How to make 25000+ free quality Backlinks


Don't get simply waste you time being provide with enormous posts and wait for bad impression from Adsense. Regulate your updates using Copychecker and maintain your blogs with earnings.

Is Commenting Better than Guest Posting (Guest Post Vs Commenting)

Blogs will rewards backbone and the readers on the blog networks in which he/she acquiesced a guest article will mug up something new in this scenario.
Basically, Blogs ensures quality traffic links,however its proportion are not totally equal.Conversely,we can see some of the major quite alteration between both the Guest article writing in addition to Commenting.
Commonly in cent percentage,at most of bloggers knows the major customs of generating traffic as well providing quality backlinks. Many runs behind social media techniques,but outdo than any hard work over commenting and rather guest posting.Efficient social medias are better.But Now we are here to see some major difference in guest post writing and commenting.

Uncertainly, a guest blogger tenders a great guest post on a blog,there is a presence of reason why he/she submitting that killer guest post on that High Page ranked websites/blogs. That is, His/her blog will payback some of the PR exposure on either hand and the readers on the blog in which he/she submitted a guest post will get some new,so,that killer exposure will tends to a greater guest post proportion.

Around Blogging,a boundless result put forward while our visitors rushing behind for our blog,the epoch it's published subjecting on the kind of blog/website you have been submitted your guest post to.It perhaps be brutal, but you will get some what you worked for and achieves windfall,which is blog commenting.Hence you are the registered owner and you are about  free to wish your replies to all possible comments on that guest related post and your each replies generate great reputation on your skill forward on that impact in guest blogging.However,yo don't want a worry about no-follow backlinks and do follow backlinks. Because it strictly generate a high exposed quality backlinks as well Traffic.

In commenting ,in order to get the cream of the crop, blog commenting and to accomplish sound out like a sensitive flip through,.In fact blog commenting is great and it truthfully helped bloggers but, it's result is not fairy as that of guest blogging.You might not get all the do follow backlinks completely,via this techniques,Because if you are put forward a highly traffic blog as well as low traffic blog ,do follow backlinks will not provide much,because,blog admin only concentrate on your blogs.If you put forward a killer comment on that post,then only other commentators will tackle your blogs.Else,it might be a useless.


So,Guess which is better and where you have to put forward your droppings.I think,I've put forward a helpful article for you.So,if you wish I've made any trouble over here.Kindly drop you archives below as comments..

Best Genesis Style Blogger Blog Templates 2014 Free Download

Blogging Cage Genesis Theme


Dedicated Responsive Genesis Theme

Eleven Hundred Child Genesis 


How Yahoo Adsense Submission Generate Fake and Bot Traffic

Note: This can't be Under any of my posts labels,.But I'm here to share as under my posts labels,about the truth behind in yahoo form submissions.
This Techniques are mainly generated by bloggers who gets rejected from Google Adsense and while they Seeks for yahoo Adsense ads. 
As the Configuration made By Bing and Yahoo Ads on A single platform changed the scenario to held on this problems.

We know that Media.net is the company where we have to submit yahoo ads application.However,many of high website traffic holders may not check their daily traffic rates and all.but as we go for our submission at an instant we will provide 300+ traffic from United states of America from Their Traffic Generator Tools.
Its kind of Hand joining towards yahoo.Because to place an Ads from yahoo.Webmaster requires a day traffic about 400+ daily.Else they wont get mingled with our sites.

How to get approved by Google Adsense within one Hour

How Media.net Becoming Bots Generated Traffic site.??

Like as said above,the blog evasion made by Google bring the users to make bots generator in media.net.Its not a mistake done by Google Adsense, Its commonly self mistake made by Users without Checking Google policies over this scenario.

Hence what they do is that.
Just login to Media.net and submit Form continuously for about many times.Each time submission will tends to generate a multiplication of x*300+

How to Generate Blogs traffic While Sleeping

Problems Arrives Due To This Phenomenon:

  • Instant Generation In Alexa rank will tends other than Google/yahoo implemented Contextual ads shows a removal from Your blogs/websites.
  • Page rank Tends to make a drop.
  • As page rank drop,current traffic also tends to loose.


So,never try to Use yahoo submission on media partners net with a seek to generate a bot traffic tool and never try a media.net bots

Best 3 Way to Convert Readers into Subscribers

We entirely know that generating traffic to a blog has seen in the previous posts at Best Blog Tricks.is it..??Rather more do you know how to convert your readers directly into your  subscribers.

As soon as a visitors makes a visit in your blog and Tackling your contents interesting,they should just go like that but you have to find a way of trap door them before they seek for the exit.Hence you aware that,it may cause increasing your Bounce rate and you have provided Bounce rate Plugin to decrease the same.

Sophisticated number of subscribers the more the money. You should always Remember,money is in the list.How listed below are only the few interesting techniques to makes your Readers in to Subscribers.

Best Methods to Convert readers into Subscribers.

Fix Comment Redirect Tools.

However this problems are usually carries out by freshers in to the blogging scenario and while picking and searching for the best they are helpless and however in this,whileUsing Comment redirect is a plugin which usually helps in scenario as soon as when visitors post comments on your blogs/websites,they will be redirected to any page of your choice depending on your configurations as well and if you are creating thank you for this by picking a suitable plugin.,It will get redirected to the page by thanking a while to them for posting their comments also and requesting them to subscribe to the blog for updates.

Maintain Popups

In My Top Widgets Posts, You might have noticed whats the importance of placing this scenario. However Popups might by annoying at times and most readers hate it when a site pops up an Contact form,all they do is hit the button and continue with what they are reading but popups really works,the rate of people subscribing through popups is higher than those subscribing through slash-bar/sidebar or below your post.

How to generate Traffic During Sleeping

Fix Bonus

Placing your best ever contact form form in visible areas like at the end of your post,at the hello-bar or possibles through the sidebar also forgot to include your opt form in  your about page and other places necessary,omitting them is going to be a big mistake because you are going to miss numbers of subscribers that might contribute to your blog.So create an affiliates with attractive covers because this is the way to tempting way of getting more subscribers and don't forget to use and attractive opt form.

How to Increase Website Loading Time


So,share your successful tricks over as comments below and make a backlink for others as an opt.

Best Social Media Technics to Promote Blog/Website Posts

Its fact that amny of them are using tons of brilliant social media  techniques/ideas in promoting and developing our blogs and however each blogger has their own alter rights.

So Its obvious that social media is getting from one of the conjoint methods   what we are using to promote our daily blog written posts traffic promoters.
A blog/websites or brand without having any influence with  social media will certainly go nowhere because the perfect methods you can use in as:

Greeting in Getting Connections with Social Media Easily

These are the smallest and remarkable that we are using but moreover there you can get out from these scenario in social media marketing.
Promoting your blog posts as well guest posts is quite to be in a hell of a tough long chain but being a self scarifying blogger,all what i did was thrown  out just important remarkableness :  

Effective Guest Blogging,Killer Commentings,Social media and SEO Techniques. While social media platform is much more better and how can you get ride from the best out of it..??

Most interesting and Helpful Top Social Media Idea to Promote Blog/websites Posts:

As discussed earlier this is a kind of blogging community where we are like-minded bloggers join hands together in promoting each and everybody's log posts with a smart interface win making situation,Apart from a Like a self sharing scheme scenario of posting others Killer post by you and yours Contents by others.
Depending on some facts in tribes you might need to be fully held active before you will be  able to promotes from a follower to a Strong and mere an active member.

This sounds nothing much,rather say about justretweet,the name of the technique itself sounds says it all.Its kind of matter about a little bit similar to activity in Triberr ,but here you don't want to join with any of the tribe scenes and all you have to do is,nothing but to submit your tweeted posts in the webs/blogs to other, users re tweets them skillfully,share your killer posts on Facebook as well as sharing them on Great Google plus.

Provide Hashtags

Using capable and most powerful hashtags in your tweets,and enhance them if you want to find a wider track to find your audience to see it(Other than from your followings Clients),and when a people gets interested in your Ensured Killer keyword searches ., your keyword will promote each every pages gets stumble upon and mentioning yours and thus the links get tweet and it will directly shared over their powerfulblogs.


Its Just an idea what many other bloggers are held with me,moreover you can also join with us by commenting here below.


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