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High DA PA Guest Post Submission Sites List 2020

High DA PA Guest Post Submission Sites List 2020: Paid submission blogging is now a smart choice by many bloggers and resellers out there around us. Finding the Entrepreneurs in search of bringing the business services the best is now getting the most popular. As you may find enormous SEO experts out there providing you the quality SEO services. However, business people are now in search of Guest bloggers who can bring the attention of their services smarter. Do you what is Guest blogging or paid to post or even called by Guest posting? Let us make it simple and find the top best High DA PA Guest Post Submission Sites List 2020 can bring services/websites to reach the 1st position with this concept.

High Authority Guest Blogging Sites - Guest Post Submission List 2020

We introduce the list of 100+ sites in different categories such as news - finance - general niche - best 10 - health - fitness - sites list with High Domain Authority and Page Authority. The importance of doing this practice and its advisory will be stated below with the list given.

Benefits of approaching Guest posting

Website owners are more concerned about avoiding spam linking to make their website listed on top of Google. There were many websites out there that provide you the facility to link on it either at the comment section or via post submission. There were PR releasing sites, free blogging, article submission sites out there. However, they were created for bloggers to link website in order to attain website authority. However, while submitting the website to certain sites, you may have to link for certain factors such as;
  • Whether the providing Do-Follow backlink
  • Whether they got a high spam score
  • Whether they are google trusted
  • Whether they got high DA PA value
  • Whether they updated with better MOZ scores...etc.
However, Guest post submitting sites found to be different and they got a better approach. Most of Free blog submission sites around the internet provide you No-Follow backlink, however, it is trusted by search engines. But, higher the no-follow with low-quality site problem our site. In fact, the high-quality site with one single do-follow backlink will even help our ranking much better on SERP.

The significance of High DA PA sites attention comes into our mind on this concern. Searching for the related list of the site which provides better ranking always with a do-follow backlink in return helps your site to improve ranking. 

Guest Post Submission Sites 2020

How to Find Whether Sites approaching for Guest post Submission

You might have confused whether all the sites may or may not be applied for Guest posting. Most of the site owners never allow you to provide guest posts on their site. If the website owners have the intention to do so, they will mark the site with a box where people able to see the keywords such as:

"write for us"
"guest article"
"guest blogger"
"This is a guest post by"
"guest post"
"startup funding"
"contributing writer"
"want to write for"
"contribute to our site"
"submit content"
"submit news"
"submit post"
"submit your content"
"guest posts wanted"

If you find any of the mentioned terms in the site list, then you can approach the owner's contact form directly and apply for the submission approval. 

Will Guest Posting be Succesful - Learn How?

Guest post owners always look for your website whether the site follows the guidelines with trust or not. If you approach Guest post owner, you should aware of certain Guidelines that search engines hate. Alike the same, Guest bloggers have to keep in mind while approaching owners hate factors such as;
  1. The article Shouldn't be lead to a porn content
  2. Shouldn't be gambling or casino-related
  3. Shouldn't include the promotion of drugs or alternative
  4. The article should not approach misleading information. 
These are the general guidelines that most of the website owners initially looks for. Each guest posting website owner holds different terms and conditions on their website. While if you want to be successful with the approach of Guest posting, you should be aware of the policy. 

Guest posting is no more trusted only if you are linking your site with non-related category websites. There was general and same niche list above you can see and you can apply the same accordingly. However, for example, your website is related to Education and you go for guest blogging approval in sports websites. That's doesn't make sense and your trust will be lost in the 1st approach itself. Make sure quality content should be the one that makes your article on the application for guest posting is the most important one. 


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