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Earn $10 Daily for Writing Posts aand How to Multiply earning in Guest Crew Forum

Do you want to make Money Online? If you do-You are not alone.Just take a real life example- You heard somewhere that blogging is an easiest way to make money online so started your blog and imagined to become a millionaire just by working 4-5 hours daily. In your excitement, you worked regularly for 2-3 months but failed to earn as expected. In that case, people lose their patience and leave blogging.
Remember,not everyone is able to earn money through blogging. It doesn’t mean that you can’t make money online. If you have talent for something, you will definitely make money. I have already written so articles on Making Money Online. Today, I will give you another money making advice. It is special because you can earn $10 daily.
Earn $10 Daily for Writing Posts aand How to Multiply earning in Guest Crew Forum

A Cash Contest has been started at Guest Crew where they are giving $10 cash daily via Paypal to users who will make most posts in a day on Guest Crew Forum. Frankly speaking, they are doing this to promote their Forum but it doesn’t matter much for you because you are getting a chance to make money online.

You can start a new thread or answer the question of others. All your posts will be counted. At the end of the day, if you managed to post more than others you will get $10. They are also giving Extra $100 cash for the one who promotes their program on social Media or their Blog.

Register at Guest Crew – It’s free to Join.
Fill up all details in your “Profile“. Don’t forget to enter your “Paypal Id” in your profile because it will be used to send payments to you. To do so, Click on “My Profile” link.
After clicking on “My Profile After clicking on “Edit Profile” option, you will be redirected to another page. Scroll the page down until you find a field for entering your Paypal Id. Just add your Paypal Id in that filed and then click on “Update Profile”
Once done with Profile Updation, Click on “Forums” tab.

What are the Rules?
Rules are pretty simple. No one like spammers so don’t spam there. Try to post high quality posts otherwise they will delete your thread. You might get warnings or even banned from the Forum. This content starts on 1st March 2014 i.e Today and there is no end date which is quite good for participants.
Is there any Additional Benefits?
Yes, If you are a blogger or a webmaster, You can win $100 cash extra for promoting this contest. To do that, You will have to promote the post which is live at Guest Crew Blog. You will get this amount at the end of month. To increase your chances of winning this extra $100, you can promote Guest Crew by using Advertising Banners. To find the banners, Visit- Banners for Promoting Guest Crew.

How to Make Huge Money From Flipkart Affiliate Marketing

Have you ever stumbled upon with affiliate marketing on your blogs using flipkart ..??
We always feels with online store for buy and sell on Flipkart..But many of them doesn't knows how to make money using affiliate program on Flipkart. 

Mostly people are getting disappointing by Google Adsense search for affiliate program for blogs/website to make their website/blogs success in another ways.So,they seek for affiliate technique which best suites their blogs conversions and reputations.

As we all Know That Flipkart is a very Attractive and Popular online mart.However,its a place for webmasters to tackle their commissions as well by placing affiliate ads on their websites/blogs.Basically,anybody can place affiliate ads on website.But picking best Fits the range of our commission to double what other pick something through our ads.

There are many materials available in this store, In order to get Much higher Commission  We must Place Below affiliate ads o our website.Because apart from other ads these ads shows much higher percentage results on them.

  • eBook- 15% commission
  • Toys-12% Commission
  • Beauty Products-10% commission
  • Watches-10% Commission
  • Sunglasses-10% Commission
  • Footwear-10% Commission
  • Baby Products-10% Commission

How To Enter Into Flipkart Affiliate Program

                                                          Login Here.

Then You were referred to register counter.Over there.You are requested to fill the mandatory details and ask you about your referrer.If you Ask so:

Enter : "touchme4f"

The reason is that.,It will Link us and if you make any customer or i'm making any customer commission rate ,it will tries to give us at equal rate means..As said above if your link is clicked and order from any other person.For example an E-book.You will get 15%.At a time.I'll get the same.If My ads are being clicked and purchased,You also get the same.

So try to place this refer id or track id as "touchme4f"
Select the banner from the Left side corners that suites with your website.


Don't worry about unusual clicks as on contextual ads.You can also buy something using this id and make your money on your pocket itself.So,enjoy with Flipkart affiliate money making policies. 

Best Blogging Communities in 2014 to Endorse Blogs

Conversely,If you Have been committed with Google Adsense,you wont get a fresh feeling in earning great money,its most probably due to low traffic conversion rate in your websites/blogs due to the concentrations put forward over other blogs.So,that i made recent post about Killer SEO Tricks to Maintain Constant traffics in Your Blogs as well as Do-follow Backlinks Generation secrets.

 In fact there Backlink generation only provide do-follow back-links.So,that blogging Communities will helps to Encourage your blogs with high quality backlinks.

Bloggers Commonly drop down,the career in Blogging mainly as a fact of Not getting Google Ads on Their Webs/Blogs.But, I've Figured,How to Tackle Google Adsense Approval Within One Hour and if You were Committed on other end,there were occurring another problems.i.e, Enormous amount of tricky bloggers out there in communities to come out to drop your quality articles and causes missing your mass readers to Stumpy.Nonetheless,why you waiting for them to down your blogs.Blog Communities plays a riddling action to safe your blogs if you were page ranked in Google page views.

How to Hide Spamming and to Make Money

Well..Now a Days as its God Sake that getting employed by Google through Adsense earnings,But most of them doesn't gets that opportunity,even if we are also good at blogging and also we found a solution in How To Tackle Easy Adsense Earnings, .
Its Commonly occurs,due to Lack of:

  1. Traffic
  2. Problem in Creating Customized Contact Form,Sitemap,Privacy Policies and all..
  3. Lack of Social Network Integration.
  4. Lack of Forum Presence.
  5. Lack of Back links.

How to Create :

How To Get Away From Spamming

Have ever heard about shortening URL's?? 
There are many shortening URL that shortens your links and hide whats hidden inside in it and try to make an attempt to viewer,what is hidden in it,and maintains your website traffic as well as.
In fact,these URL can Makes Your earnings on other hand.Rather You can Multiply Earning using shorten URL's.

Meanwhile,Maintaining Shorten is a dramatic procedure.If the Shortness's you were picking isn't achieved properly,It drives negative traffic.So carefully read the above post. 
These Shortening URL's Hide the Crawlers that tackle the Spam work on the web and hence you attains hidden nature from negative traffics as well.

Where We can Apply Shortening URL's:

These Shortening URL's link can be applied over:
  • Social Networking's Chat and Commenting on Page Posts as well as other Posts.
  • In Forums chat and Forums Linking.
  • Applied over Websites Posts.


Hence,this will results your shorten earnings and it maintains your spamming works to get hidden from spiders and you get safely multiply earnings as well.

How to Multiply Google Adsense Revenue on YouTube

In the Post  How to get Approved By Google Adsense within One Hour , Sounds like much priceless gift by Google. In Spite of this,We need better Viewers from Outside of Home Country,If conversion takes place by minimum of 100+ viewers per day, revenue rate will also changes in the same manner.

Different Continental Viewers Tracks with better revenue.
Example: If you are an Asian,Visitors from European Continent will makes better profit.
               If you are an African, Visitors from Australian Continent will do the same.
               If you are an American,Visitors from Asian Continent will do for the same.

Basically,far away viewers drives better earnings,to your each monetized videos on YouTube.Moreover You might have to notice that,Skip Away ads generates better earning From YouTube.

So,You should be careful while setting your Ads Monetization after you get accessed an account with Google Adsense as explained in Previous Post ( How To Get Approved By Google Adsense ).

Follow These Tricks To Get More Revenue:

  • Try to Make Subscription Over at New You Tube Videos,Having low Subscription rate.,This will tends them to force your videos to get viewed.
  • Try to make Proper Comment and suggestion,...Questionnaire comments basically provide a back links from that visitors .Because,Integration of YouTube connected with Google plus account will tries to share their post on your video on Google Plus.If they have strong followers.It will helps you to Get Instant Traffic and Help Revenue to boost up per click or a skip.
  • Try not to comment with links,Hence those linked videos gets flagged by strangers who were looking for trap.
  • Try to make Linked With Strong Followers,by following them on Google Plus.
  • Try Not To share Via LinkedIn and Try Not to make a Tweet without tag with Followings.Hence reputation will increase with each followings tags linking.


Better,try to figure out with best ever video,which should makes some HD interface,and little bit different which tackle mind of each viewers.
Lets drop some queries below.

How to Double Up the Earnings with Infolinks

You Might have Heard this before about Infolinks and How its support webmasters in Making Money. But Many of You Guys gets on  Disappointing with this CPM (Click Per Impressions) based network.
Meanwhile many of us doesn't think what was the reason and How can we raise up Blog Revenue.

Most of this happens while you choose your Blog ' Niche '

You Might Read This :

While from the above Details about choosing the better niche for each blog. You Might also got some idea in this Technique.
Moreover, i will figure out some tips that will helps you to ride along with your Niche.

Tips To Be Remember :

Infolinks Networks Mainly Performs and Optimizes their status over text,search,tag and frame.While You be a part of their Publisher.You will always tries to fully optimize their network with your website,with a single aim of Increasing your Website Revenue.

How To increase Revenue of Website using Infolinks ??
  • Use InSearch and InFrame only.
  • Avoid Using InTag and InText Ads.(This Decrease Your Traffic)
You Might Better Read This 2 Topics :

However, As Like Contextual ads Policy,this CPM based Networks also doesn't pays you while you click on your ads.

How It Performs Better Revenue while Comparing with Country Based ??

Many of the young bloggers Doesn't think of  slow revenue and only aims to pick up the easy money to their pockets as soon as possible. so that they will try to motivate and forces their Hometown friends to click on the advertisements on their website in order fill their revenue,if it is CPM based or even contextual based ads.

The problem is that,CPM based networks and contextual ads doesn't pay you the income that highly coming from the hometown.
For Example :
If a person tries to keep on telling their friends to click on their ads .it wont make any sense of better earnings.apart from this views tries to make some clicks from foreign countries,this makes sense in getting more Ad eCPM as at a better rate.

Its not possible to Tell foreign visitors to make a visit over the your page.
Such that tries to make SEO over your webs and make a better earning experience from this network,while you acts as a publisher.

Conclusion :

 Hope you might got some idea over this and drop your comments over below,if you already touched with or   not.

How Social Network Relates with Adf.ly

Better First You read this  Post, How to figure Out Double the Money with Adf.ly ,Nearly everyone Might Have Noticed the Point Figured over there. In fact every Positive side have some Negative Side Isn't it?? :) :)

Here also,there is a trouble Hiding out.Don't Get confused.

In This Post, I'm Gonna Make you Clear what make sense and whats the trouble are going to make by all around us,while dealing with this and here unveiling a clear idea about  your Doubts and throw away you from your Spamming Activities which  Results with Adf.ly .

?.Why we always Trusts Social Networks while Blogging??
> Only For Getting Traffic.
Moreover, last post reminded that Social Networks will also, provides you the earning.However,if we are always lives for money and most probably many of gets greedy in fact.

Here, Adf.ly doesn't bring out bunch of money ,basically depends upon impression marketing through shrink buttons.

How to apply Options over Social Networks  and How they Reacts 

If you are already registered Keep in Remind Yourself also My Key points :
  • The option like adf.ly ,j.gs,q.gs are our Mind breakers.When you are using these buttons and when apply over Networks like Facebook,Google plus,Twitter, LinkedIn..etc,makes  you to drive money to your Paypal a/c. 
  • You can't apply j.gs and q.gs in Facebook,because as their policy its banned now a days,but you can apply 'adf.ly'.
  • In Google plus,if you are making any image posts. you can link with all these buttons.No action will taken by network
  • However while you try to make comment over others box, in-order to drive traffic to you and earnings at a time,makes you to get blocked for 14 days from commenting and you gets banned from using these buttons in G+.
  • Same as for LinkedIn and other Networks,in G+ and Facebook, at a limit you can use these button in CHAT and make money.
  • As like contextual ads pays you like pay click per at different IP addresses make sense,In fact you cant make money by yourself by keep on Clicking over the Shrink buttons.

Conclusion :

If You Might Noticed Rather than Points I've Listed above about these, Please Drop them as Comments Over Below and Its Very Helpful To My Visitors.

How to Figure Out Double Your Earning With Adf.ly

Its the Fact,at the time while stepping into a passionate blogger each and every individual or an Enterprises hope for the best. Is it  ??  :)

Is it Freaky that our website or a blog can Drive Money at the day one itself ??

I always agree with this.Because,we want to wait  For  Our Websites/Blog an age about 6 month clearly  For make an attempt Applying For a Contextual advertising Company in order to wish our own Dreams by filling Our Pocket Money or Something like that.

Now we can come to the fact of realization,that its true that a Shrink button developers here serving for us in order to make us worthier.

How This Works ?? 

Many of us are not much familiar with Shrink generating service but quietly we are very much familiar with shrink button of Bit.ly ,this can drive the users mind who click over the link by hiding our content what we are producing as real in a single 5 letter and numbers and drive traffic at a time to our websites.

However this Adf.ly is also serves as 2x scheme more better than this. Biy.ly shrink generators can only drive traffic , but Adf.ly can arrives Traffic + Our pocket money's also.

Its a simple Trick that i'm Gonna make sure you about this.
Just Go to Adf.ly > Join Now > After enter the Details > (Make sure that you works as an Advertiser/Publisher) however. I'm here Figure out my words for Publishers. Tap over the "publisher".

You can see your Home like this :

As like CPM network ,we doesn't any stuffs like HTML code for boosting this site and make money with that. Here the post you makes for your website serves as your money . :)

Whatever you make post on your web like :
Your website : www.example.com
Your post : www.example.com/bdgvwdvqdvjdn vbdh
then you can shrink Your website or either post link over the shrink button provided over here.
But, our Highlight to make 2x earning is hiding in this..
You can see below the Shrink Button ,there is a ' View More Option " bar.
Options Such as :
  • adf.ly
  • j.gs
  • q.gs
We all think that 'adf.ly' is our targeted shrink option ,it drive earnings but the option 'q.gs' can drive your earning double than than option.


You can use this shrink button on your post at Facebook, Google plus,twitter and anywhere you like.
Now You must read This : How Social Media interact with these Shrink Button , Before You use this .
Hope you like my post and so guess what you be getting or what you should go back.
Drop Your Comments over below about this post .


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